Lorne DePape (NZ), Kim Forge (AUS), Hugh Millikin (WCF. AUS)

2015 World Curling Federation General Assembly - Rule Changes

This week, the World Curling Federation General Assembly took place. As part of the agenda the committee looked at many items, including some 26 proposals relating to the Rules of the Curling and a further three relating to Mixed Doubles curling, the Olympics’ newest curling discipline, were considered.


Key Competition and Rules changes approved by the AGA are summarised as:
• Introduction of the Olympic semi-final system at the Pacific-Asia and European A Division Curling Championships to replace the Page system.
• Introduction of a new play-off and relegation system for the European B Division Championships.
• Qualification for the third place team from the Pacific-Asia Championships to the WCF’s Olympic Qualification Event, if they have not previously qualified.
• Two minutes more thinking time for wheelchair curling games: new total of 38 minutes.

Changes to the rules and format of Mixed Doubles:
• In order to vary the strategies of teams and shots, the in-house pre-placed stone will be moved from the back of the pin hole to the back of the four foot rings.
• Removal of the requirement for the non-throwing member of the team to be in the house.
• Introduction of a “PowerPlay” option into the game allowing the team with the Last Rock advantage to setup an end with a corner guard strategy once per game.