2017-2018 Curling Event Calendar

Eligibility to participate in any of these events requires financial membership to a State Curling Association - NSW, VIC, QLD and WA are the current active states. April 22-29, World Mixed Doubles, Lethbridge, Canada ... Read More

Junior Women Curlers Win RSL Grant for 2015

In early April 2015, veteran players of the Australian junior curling team, Samantha Jeffs and Tahli Gill were awarded the RSL Youth Development Grant for their Sporting achievements. This award was celebrated at a yout... Read More

2015 AGM Minutes

On May 26, 2015 the Australian Curling Federation hosted it's Annual General Meeting. The meeting was straightforward and included highlights of: - Presidents report by Kim Forge - WCF report by Hugh Millikin - PACF ... Read More

2014 World Curling Federation Board Elected

Reno, Nevada, USA - Members of the World Curling Federation have elected a new board and voted to introduce a new World Junior qualification event, a World Mixed Curling Championship, along with approving a raft of other... Read More

2014 Mens and Womens National Championships

The National Competitions Committee of the Australian Curling Federation (ACF) is seeking team nominations for the Men and Women’s National events being held in Dunedin, NZ commencing on Friday 6th June 2014 and co... Read More

ACF Agenda for 9th April 2013 AGM

Australian Curling Federation 2012 Annual General Meeting 2000 AEST Tuesday 9th April 2013 To be held as Conference Call (see below for meeting details): AGM "attendees" can either join the conference call using Micro... Read More

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