2019 agm SCHEDULE FOR tUESDAY 19TH mAY 2020

31 March 2020 – The Australian Curling Federation’s (ACF) Annual General Meeting is scheduled for Tuesday 19th May 2020 at 2000 hours AEST. Please see below for a description of the documents pertaining to the AGM and nomination forms.


ACF 2019 AGM Financials.pdf – Financial summary for 2019 financial year

Minutes from Previous AGM

2018 ACF AGM – Minutes.pdf – minutes from previous AGM to be accepted

Forms for 2019 AGM

2019 ACF AGM Forms Delegate and VP Nomination.pdf – nomination for officer(s), appointment of delegates – due dates range from 5 to 12 May 2020

AGM Agenda

2019 ACF AGM – Agenda.pdf – details the agenda for the 19th May 2020

The Associations Incorporation Act 1981 (Vic) outlines that the ACF must hold our AGM within five months of the conclusion of the ACF’s financial year which is Dec 31st. In the interest of all association members and their availability, the ACF Executive chose the 19th May, and the ACF is required to provide a notice of 45 days in order to legally abide by The Act.

The agenda for the meeting will be communicated by the 28th April 2020.  The current ACF President, Kim Forge (VIC) will be remain in position, and the position of Vice-President is due for election (every 2 years). Since VIC holds one position on the Executive only NSW, QLD and WA may nominate a member for the position of Vice-President per the constitution, section 18.2.6: “The President and Vice-President shall be members of differing Association Members.” So nominations will be for Vice-President and State Representatives of each association/State.

As an FYI – per the constitution section 13.2.2 – it states “Members desiring to bring any business before an Annual General Meeting shall, at least 30 days prior to the date scheduled for the meeting, give a request in writing to the President or Vice-President of business they would like to bring before the meeting, and that business shall be included at the next Annual General Meeting”. The due date is 19th April 2020 for any business to be brought forward for discussion at the AGM.

Given the vast distances between our State Associations the ACF will hold its ninth Annual General Meeting in “The Cloud”. AGM “attendees” can either join the conference call using Microsoft Teams software or by phone. See details below and conference ID#.


Join Microsoft Teams Meeting

+61 2 8318 0126   Australia, Sydney (Toll)

Conference ID: 470 424 841#


Please forward all forms back to your local State representative for submission to the ACF Secretary by the dates listed on the forms. Any questions should be directed to the ACF Executive Committee through respective State representatives.