The Australian Curling Federation leads, develops, and promotes the sport of curling in Australia.  We enable and facilitate Australian athletes to achieve sustained competitive excellence in international competitions including World Championship and the Olympic Winter Games whilst demonstrating the spirit of Curling.


Australia would be a better place if there were more Curlers.

2019 World Mixed Doubles Curling Championship, 4th place finish for Team Gill/Hewitt
Photo © WCF


The Australian Curling Federation leads, develops, and promotes the sport of curling in Australia. The first curling club in Australia formed in 1933 in Melbourne. Sir Norman Brooks – Wimbledon winner in 1907 and 1914, AFL footballer and Australian Golf Open winner – was the first President. The club was subsequently disbanded in 1939. In 1984, curling reappeared in Australia and the Australian Curling Association formed international links with the International Curling Federation (now the World Curling Federation) in 1986.

In 1990, Australia first competed internationally in Oslo, Norway. The Australian Curling Federation (ACF) was formed in 1993 to be the national governing body for the sport in Australia. James Oastler was the inaugural president of the Federation which had three state members: New South Wales, South Australia and Victoria.

The initial challenge for the ACF was to host the third Pacific Curling Championships in 1993 for which reconditioned stones were obtained on lease from the World Curling Federation. Competitors from New Zealand, Japan and Australia included men’s and women’s teams from all three countries. Since that time the South Australian member association has closed and two new member associations joined; the Queensland Curling Association was formed in 2005 and Curling WA was formed in 2014.

Thirty years on, history was made in December 2021 when Australian Mixed Doubles Team of Tahli Gill and Dean Hewitt qualified Australia for a quota spot at the Beijing 2022 Olympic Winter Games. Gill and Hewitt went on to represent Australia in Beijing and are the first Olympians for Curling in Australia.

Today the ACF continues with its initial goal of supporting the state members and liaising with international bodies in an effort to propel the sport towards gaining national and international recognition.



EXCELLENCE on and off the ice

We are INCLUSIVE and show respect

We demonstrate the highest standards of FAIR PLAY

Fuel the PASSION



#1 Lifelong Participation

People can access opportunities to be involved in curling in Australia at any time of their life.

  • Support the states to expand the range of entry points into the ACF and commit to a welcoming, friendly and inclusive environment for everyone.
  • Develop junior programs and implement retention strategies.
  • Membership education and promotion.
  • Develop non-player (coach, umpire, administrator) participation initiatives.

#2 High Performance

A clear & compelling talent pathway that encourages & supports high performance athlete development.

  • Foster player performance pathways through the delivery of high performance camps / other initiatives.
  • Submit applications for AOC Olympic Solidarity Funding & National Federation High Performance Funding and WCF funding annually in support of maximising financial assistance and opportunities to the athletes most likely to qualify quota places for the 2022 Olympic Winter Games.
  • Develop non-player (coach, umpire, administrator) performance pathways and arrange training.

#3 Good Governance

Committed to best practice governance.

  • Maintain requirements of Incorporation.
  • Seek Sport Australia NF recognition, fulfilling all requirements.
  • Continue to develop, review, refine and promote ACF policies and procedures.
  • Safe sport compliant.
  • Ensure financial governance and continue to refine and implement financial procedures and reporting.

#4 The Business of Curling

Provide leadership from every position; foster stakeholder relationships, collaborate & build trust.

  • Develop and implement a marketing and communications strategy to promote the sport, actively engage with members and stakeholders, and provide and encourage honest, transparent communication at appropriate times (face-to-face, written, verbal, digital).
  • Create a working group tasked with the development of a sustainable business model and exploration of a national facilities strategy.
  • Provide and administer professionally the annual Curling National Championships and selection trials.


(May 2022/2023)

President: Laurie Weeden (effective 1 January 2023)
Vice-President: Ian Gagnon
Secretary: Lyn Gill
Treasurer: Edwin Wan
State Representatives:
NSW – Carlee Millikin
QLD – Dave Thomas
WA – Elliott Douglas

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