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1 January 2023 – Bill Tschirhart, National Coach with Curling Canada, interviews Kim Forge, recently elected World Curling Federation Director and former Australian Curling Federation President (2014-2022) on A Pane in the Glass podcast. Kim discusses Diversity, Equity and Inclusion which was the topic of her research under the Olympic Solidarity-supported MEMOS program.

25 December 2022 – Curling WA father and son duo, Phil and Nathan, interview Tahli Gill on their latest podcast from the channel Hogline! Episode 6. The podcast talks about Tahli’s hectic 2022, the Olympics, graduating, and junior Curling (from 0 – 25:40 min).

14 April 2022 – Ben Waterworth from Off The Podium podcast, interviewed Tahli Gill and Dean Hewitt post Olympics to talk about their experiences in Beijing and everything else in between! Tahli and Dean share their journey of emotion from qualifying for the Olympics right through to all the issues around positive and negative COVID tests during the Olympics. Ben also finds out the moment they both felt like they were Olympians and just how it was knowing that curling had taken Australia by storm. Added to this Ben talks about a certain Swedish rival of theirs. Click here to listen to the full podcast. Off The Podium also posted a brief video segment on their Facebook page from the podcast.

4 April 2022 – ABC’s 7.30 Report recently interviewed Tahli Gill and Dean Hewitt together with their mother’s Lyn Gill and Lynn Hewitt for this segment titled: “Meet Australia’s first ever curling Olympians”. The segment summary: “Curling duo Tahli Gill and Dean Hewitt secured Australia’s first-ever win in the Olympic sport at Beijing. The pair overcame dramatic odds to make history and shared their path to success with producer Raveen Hunjan”. Watch the segment here or click the image below.

3 March 2022 – Curling WA member and Yr 9 student, Nathan, interviews Olympian Dean Hewitt and Curlers Kevan Young and Helen Williams in this podcast called The Roaring Game – An Introduction to Curling. Listen here.

10 February 2022 – Reporter for Guardian Australia, Kieran Pender, speaks to Laura Murphy-Oates about Tahli Gill and Dean Hewitt’s journey to the Olympics and why the team was nearly sent home early. Listen here.

2 February 2022 – Sunrise7, hosted by David Koch and Natalie Barr, featured Curling on their segment this morning talking with the parents of Australian Olympic Team members Tahli Gill (Lyn and Steve Gill) and Dean Hewitt (Lynn and Steve Hewitt) to hear about how they are looking forward to the Mixed Doubles pair’s Olympic debut tonight. Listen here or watch below.

2 February 2022 – Sports Entertainment Network’s (SEN) Pat & Heals talked with Kim Forge this morning to get the scoop on Curling in Australia, Australia’s Olympic team members Tahli Gill and Dean Hewitt’s debut tonight and an explanation on what Curling is all about to listeners who are unfamiliar with an ice sport. Listen here.

1 February 2022 – 7NEWS Sydney chat with the parents of Dean Hewitt, Australian Olympic Team member for Curling, about the effort and commitment Dean has put into his Curling development. Listen here or watch below.

1 February 2022 – This morning, ABC Radio Brisbane breakfast show announcers Loretta Ryan and Craig Zonca connected with Lyn Gill, mother of Tahli Gill, to talk about how Lyn has been an inspiration to Tahli getting into Curling and preparations for Beijing 2022. Listen here.

19 January 2022 – With a call out of “How did a girl from Brisbane end up as an Australian Olympic curler”, ABC Radio Brisbane breakfast show announcers Loretta Ryan and Craig Zonca caught up with newly named Australian Olympic team member Tahli Gill after her latest training session to chat about how preparations are going for Beijing 2022. Listen here or click the audio below.

18 January 2022 – South Australia Fiveaa announcers Penberthy and Will Goodings interviewed ACF President, Kim Forge, to get the scoop on Australia sending a Mixed Doubles team to Beijing 2022. Listen below or full podcast here on 18th Jan 2022 here.

10 January 2022 – Australian Podcast team Harper Pestinger and Lachie Gibbs of “Where do we begin?” spent time with Dean Hewitt on their podcast titled “Episode 59: Dean Hewitt (2022 Olympics #2)” chatting about whiskey flasks inside brooms, geriatric teammates, supermarket tunes and more. Full interview here.

9 January 2022 – Australian Podcast team Harper Pestinger and Lachie Gibbs of “Where do we begin?” interviewed Tahli Gill about all things curling related and the upcoming Olympic games on their podcast titled “Episode 58: Tahli Gill (2022 Olympics #1)”. Full interview here.

18 November 2021 – Gary and Tim from 1116SEN radio spoke to Mixed Doubles team Tahli Gill and Dean Hewitt about how they were introduced to the sport, why the throw matters more than the sweep, where curling originated, the four pre-eminent countries in the sport, whether they can make it to the Beijing Games next year, and more. Full interview here.

2 September 2021 – Ben Waterworth from Off The Podium podcast, interviewed Tahli Gill and Dean Hewitt to learn how they got into the sport and how it was growing up as a curler in Australia. We also learn about just how big of a deal it was to finish 4th at the 2019 World Championships and how that exposure helped the sport of curling in Australia, as well as just what it will take for them to qualify for the Beijing Olympics. Full podcast here.

13 July 2021 – Ryan McGhee, cohost of Rocks Across the Pond, interviewed Lyn Gill, ACF Secretary and the National Coach for the Junior Women’s team, about her early experiences with curling in Queensland, Junior Development and curling becoming a family affair. Interview starts at the 11:15 min mark – listen below or here.

1 May 2019 – “The Rush Hour” with Dobbo from Brisbane’s 104.5 Triple M’s spoke to Mixed Doubles player Tahli Gill after Team Gill/Hewitt’s break through performance of 4th place at the 2019 World Mixed Doubles Curling Championships. Listen to the interview here.


13 January 2022 – Live with Matty Denny – Mixed Doubles Team Gill/Hewitt:

26 January 2022 – On 7Olympyics Jason Richardson takes viewers through “Curling 101” with Mixed Doubles Team Gill/Hewitt:

6 November 2017 – Hosting the Pacific-Asia Curling Championships in Erina, NSW:

27 October 2017 – Hugh Millikin from the World Curling Federation teaches $5 Quiz girl Cel some skills of the sport | Studio 10

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9 Feb 2018 – Mixed Doubles Curler, Dean Hewitt, writes for Athletes Voice

Dean Hewitt with Lynn Hewitt at the World Mixed Doubles Curling Championships