Athlete Commission

On the 19th November 2019, the first Athlete Commission was appointed by the ACF Executive Committee based on nominations from State Associations. The mission of the Australian Curling Federation (ACF) Athlete Commission is to communicate the interests of high performance curlers in cooperative support of the ACF achieving its mission. The foundation of the ACF Athlete Commission is necessary to meet constitutional requirements. The Athlete Commission elected a “Skip” and a “Vice Skip” from different ACF states. Terms of Reference, for the ACF Athlete Commission, can be found here.

2019 – 2022 Athlete Commission

Photos (Top Row L-R): Matt Panoussi © WCF/Jeffrey Au from 2018 WMxCC and Kirby Gill © WCF/Tom Rowland from 2018 PACC; (Bottom Row L-R): Michelle Fredericks-Armstrong © WCF from 2017 PACC, Sandy Gagnon © WCF/Tom Rowland from 2019 WSCC, Sean Hall © WCF from 2019 PACC.