Photos: Australian National Championships

Team photos are sorted by year to capture the winner of each discipline. Please send official team photos of the first ranked team from the Nationals event to

2022 Nationals; Aug 15-21 in Naseby, New Zealand

Men’s (L-R): Dean Hewitt, Jay Merchant, Justin Grundy, Thomas Bence
Women’s (R-L): Jennifer Westhagen, Sara Westman, Kristin Tsourlenes, Carlee Millikin, Nicole Hewett
Mixed (L-R): Sean Hall, Anne Powell, Amanda Hlushak, Hugh Millikin

2020/2021 Seasons: No Nationals held due to Covid-19 Restrictions

2019 Nationals; Naseby, New Zealand

Women (R-L): Dustin Armstrong (coach), Lauren Wagner, Anne Powell, Carlee Millikin
Mixed Doubles (R-L): Tahli Gill, Dean Hewitt
Men’s (L-R): Tanner Davis, Sean Hall, Dean Hewitt

2018 Nationals; Naseby, New Zealand

Women (L-R): Jayna Gill, Tahli Gill, Laurie Weeden, Lyn Gill, Kirby Gill
Men (L-R): Ian Palangio, Dean Hewitt, Jay Merchant, Rupert Jones
Mixed (L-R): Matt Panoussi, Jennifer Westhagen, Gerald Chick, Stephanie Barr
Mixed Doubles (R-L): Tahli Gill, Dean Hewitt

2017 Nationals

Women: (L-R) Helen Williams, Kim Forge, Ashleigh Street, Michelle Fredericks Armstrong, Anne Powell, Bob Armstrong (coach)
Men (R-L): Hugh Millikin, Dean Hewitt, Ian Palangio, Chris Ordog
Mixed Doubles (R-L): Lynn Hewitt, Dean Hewitt

2016 Nationals

Mixed (L-R): Hugh Millikin, Kim Forge, Steve Johns, Helen Williams

2015 Nationals

Mens (R-L): Ian Palangio, Jay Merchant, Dean Hewitt, Derek Smith

2014 Nationals

Mens (L-R): Ian Palangio, Dean Hewitt, Jay Merchant
Mixed Doubles (R-L): Kim Forge, Steve Johns

2013 Nationals

Mixed Doubles (R-L): Laurie Weeden, Ian Palangio
Senior Men (L-R): Hugh Millikin, Rob Gagnon, John Anderson

2012 Nationals

Mixed Doubles (R-L): Lyn Gill, Jay Merchant

2009 Nationals

Women’s (L-R): Darah Blandford (coach), Kim Forge, Laurie Weeden, Lyn Gill, Madeleine Wilson

2008 Nationals

Mixed Doubles (L-R): ACF President Peter Cobden presenting to Gerald Chick and Jennifer Thomas

2007 Nationals

Women’s (L-R): Kim Forge, Lyn Gill, Sandy Gagnon, Madeleine Wilson, Laurie Weeden

1996 Nationals

Women’s (L-R): Lyn Corby (Greenwood), Lynn Hewitt, Linda Carter-Watts, Christine Traquair, Ellen Weir