World Mixed Doubles Curling Championships (WMDCC)

Australian Mixed Doubles Teams

YearWMDCC HostRankingRecordTeam
2021Aberdeen, Scotland13th of 20 teams3-6Dean Hewitt, Tahli Gill
2020Kelowna, CanadaN/A – Cancelled due to Covid
2019Stavanger, Norway4th of 48 teams7-4Dean Hewitt, Tahli Gill
2018Östersund, Sweden18th of 40 teams4-3Dean Hewitt, Lynn Hewitt
2017Lethbridge, Canada18th of 39 teams3-4Dean Hewitt, Lynn Hewitt
2016Karlstad, Sweden31st of 42 teams1-5Ian Palangio, Laurie Weeden
2015Sochi, Russia28th of 30 teams0-9Stephen Johns, Kim Forge
2014Dumfries, Scotland12th of 34 teams5-3Ian Palangio, Laurie Weeden
2013Fredericton, Canada22nd of 27 teams2-6Jay Merchant, Lynette Gill
2012Erzurum, Turkey24th of 27 teams3-5Stephen Johns, Kim Forge
2011St. Paul, MN, USA16th of 24 teams3-4Hugh Millikin, Kim Forge
2010Chelyabinsk, Russia5th of 18 teams4-3Hugh Millikin, Kim Forge
2009Cortina D’Ampezzo, Italy23rd of 27 teams2-6Gerald Chick, Jennifer Thomas
2008Vierumäki, Finland17th of 24 teams3-4Gerald Chick, Jennifer Thomas