World Mixed Doubles Curling Championships (WMDCC)

From 2021, the World Mixed Doubles Curling Championships (WMDCC) will have a relegation for bottom ranked teams per the WCF Rules. Top ranking teams in the World Mixed Doubles Qualification Event (WMDQE) will move up into the World Mixed Doubles Event and bottom ranked teams from the WMDCC will be required to re-qualify by placing in the top ranked teams of the WMDQE. Teams ranking between 1 and 16 will remain in the WMDCC event for the following year.

Australian Mixed Doubles Teams

YearWMDCC HostRankingRecordTeam
2022Geneva, Switzerland11th of 20 teams4-5Dean Hewitt, Tahli Gill
2021Aberdeen, Scotland13th of 20 teams3-6Dean Hewitt, Tahli Gill
2020Kelowna, CanadaN/A – Cancelled due to Covid
2019Stavanger, Norway4th of 48 teams7-4Dean Hewitt, Tahli Gill
2018Östersund, Sweden18th of 40 teams4-3Dean Hewitt, Lynn Hewitt
2017Lethbridge, Canada18th of 39 teams3-4Dean Hewitt, Lynn Hewitt
2016Karlstad, Sweden31st of 42 teams1-5Ian Palangio, Laurie Weeden
2015Sochi, Russia28th of 30 teams0-9Stephen Johns, Kim Forge
2014Dumfries, Scotland12th of 34 teams5-3Ian Palangio, Laurie Weeden
2013Fredericton, Canada22nd of 27 teams2-6Jay Merchant, Lynette Gill
2012Erzurum, Turkey24th of 27 teams3-5Stephen Johns, Kim Forge
2011St. Paul, MN, USA16th of 24 teams3-4Hugh Millikin, Kim Forge
2010Chelyabinsk, Russia5th of 18 teams4-3Hugh Millikin, Kim Forge
2009Cortina D’Ampezzo, Italy23rd of 27 teams2-6Gerald Chick, Jennifer Thomas
2008Vierumäki, Finland17th of 24 teams3-4Gerald Chick, Jennifer Thomas