Australian Nationals – Mixed Doubles Results

Australian Mixed Doubles Teams

2022 Nationals, 16-18 December

held in Naseby, New Zealand to qualify for 2022 World MD Championships
RankRecord2022 Teams
15-0Dean Hewitt/Tahli Gill
22-3Matt Panoussi/Jennifer Westhagen
30-4Nathan Francey/Jessica Boersen

2020 & 2021 Nationals – Cancelled (Covid-19)

2019 Nationals, 6-9 June

held in Naseby, New Zealand to qualify for 2020 World MD Championships
RankRecord2019 Teams
1Dean Hewitt/Tahli Gill
2Matt Panoussi/Jennifer Westhagen
3Hugh Millikin/Carlee Millikin
4Dustin Armstrong/Helen Williams
5Steve Johns/Veronica Johns
6Gerald Chick/Stephanie Barr
7Sam Williams/Kim Forge
8Bruce Freshwater/Randi Glen
9Ben Lyons/Nicole Batton

2018 Nationals, 6-10 June

held in Naseby, New Zealand to qualify for 2019 World MD Championships
RankRecord2018 Teams
18-0Dean Hewitt/Tahli Gill
26-2Jay Merchant/Waverley Taylor
36-2Matt Panoussi/Jennifer Westhagen
45-3Andrew Collins/Anne Powell
55-3Dustin Armstrong/Carlee Millikin
62-6Pete Manasantivongs/Lauren Wagner
62-6Ian Gagnon/Sandy Gagnon
82-6Ben Lyons/Nicole Batten
90-8Bruce Freshwater/Ellen Weir

2017 Nationals, 26-29 October

held in Erina, Australia to qualify for 2018 World MD Championships
RankRecord2017 Teams
15-0Dean Hewitt/Lynn Hewitt
25-2Jay Merchant/Kim Forge
33-2Hugh Millikin/Carlee Millikin
43-2Samuel Williams/Tahli Gill
53-3Christopher Ordog/Kirby Gill
63-2Bruce Freshwater/Ellen Weir
72-3Clive Webster/Kate Hayes
82-2Keswick Pearson/Ashleigh Street
92-2Pete Manasantivongs/Lauren Wagner
101-2Matt Millikin/Kristen Tsourlenes
111-2Dustin Armstrong/Michelle Armstrong
121-2Steve Johns/Veronica Johns
131-2Ian Gagnon/Sandy Gagnon
140-3Andrew Collins/Anne Powell
150-3Mick Uren/Cait Weaver
160-3Hal Jenkins/Roslyn Gallagher

2016 Nationals, 18-21 August

held in Naseby, New Zealand to qualify for 2017 World MD Championships
RankRecord2016 Teams
1Dean Hewitt/Lynn Hewitt
2Ian Palangio/Laurie Weeden
Matt Panoussi/Jennifer Westhagen
Ian Gagnon/Sandy Gagnon
Jay Merchant/Kim Forge
Bruce Freshwater/Ellen Weir
Michael Uren/Cait Weaver
Gary Tapp/Lauren Wagner
Pete Manasantivongs/Steph Barr
Keswick Pearson/Meg
Andrew Collins/Anne Powell

2015 Nationals, 1-4 October

held in Naseby, New Zealand to qualify for 2016 World MD Championships
RankRecord2015 Teams
16-1Ian Palangio/Laurie Weeden
2Hugh Millikin/Kim Forge
3Dean Hewitt/Kristen Tsourlenes
3Ian Gagnon/Sandy Gagnon

2014 Nationals, 2-5 October

held in Naseby, New Zealand to qualify for 2015 World MD Championships
RankRecord2014 Teams
17-0Steve Johns/Kim Forge
25-2Ian Palangio/Laurie Weeden
33-5Hugh Millikin/Carlee Millikin
33-3Dean Hewitt/Kristen Tsourlenes
52-5Andy Collins/Anne Powell
61-5Ian Gagnon/Sandy Gagnon

2013 Nationals, 3-6 October

held in Naseby, New Zealand to qualify for 2014 World MD Championships
RankRecord2013 Teams
17-2Ian Palangio/Laurie Weeden
26-3Hugh Millikin/Carlee Millikin
31-3Stephen Johns/Kim Forge
41-3Max Thomas/Jennifer Thomas
51-2Ian Gagnon/Sandy Gagnon
60-3Rob Gagnon/Anne Powell

2012 Nationals, 6-9 September

held in Naseby, New Zealand to qualify for 2013 World MD Championships
RankRecord2012 Teams
1Jay Merchant/Lyn Gill
2Ian Palangio/Laurie Weeden
Stephen Johns/Kim Forge
Rob Gagnon/Jenn Gagnon
Ian Gagnon/Blair Murray
Dean Hewitt/Lynn Hewitt
Dave Thomas/Jennifer Thomas
Geoff Bennett/Annette Bennett
Andy Collins/Anne Powell
Chris Deckert/Vivi Sirola-Lee

2011 Nationals, September

held in Melbourne, Australia to qualify for 2012 World MD Championships
RankRecord2011 Teams
1Stephen Johns/Kim Forge
Gerald Chick/Jennifer Thomas
Dean Hewitt/Lynn Hewitt
Rob Gagnon/Jenn Gagnon
Peter Riordan/Britt-Marie Malmberg
Lachlan Rothnie/Veronika Nemes

2010 Nationals, 1-3 October

held in Naseby, New Zealand to qualify for 2011 World MD Championships
RankRecord2010 Teams
1Hugh Millikin/Kim Forge
Stephen Johns/Lyn Gill
Dave Thomas/Jennifer Thomas
Ian Gagnon/Sandy Gagnon
Angus Young/Madeleine Wilson
Lachlan Rothnie/Veronika Nemes
Max Thomas/Kirby Ross

2009 Nationals, 24-27 September

held in Naseby, New Zealand to qualify for 2010 World MD Championships
RankRecord2009 Teams
16-2Hugh Millikin/Kim Forge
24-3Stephen Johns/Lyn Gill
3-3Ted Bassett/Diane Sheard
3-3Dave Thomas/Jennifer Thomas
1-3Rob Gagnon/Sandy Gagnon
0-3Nick Sheard/Mona Bassett

2008 Nationals, 19-21 July

held in Naseby, New Zealand to qualify for 2009 World MD Championships
RankRecord2009 Teams
1Gerald Chick/Jennifer Thomas
2Hugh Millikin/Kim Forge
Ted Bassett/Mona Bassett
Kent Hughes/Lyn Gill
Rob Gagnon/Sandy Gagnon
Peter Cobden/Janet Cobden
John Anderson/Helen Williams

2007 Nationals, May

held in Bendigo, VIC to qualify for the 2008 World MD Championships
RankRecord2008 Teams
12-0Gerald Chick/Jennifer Thomas
2John Anderson/ Unknown